Our sets are fully enclosed with specially designed portals to allow unimpeded vision of the animals inside. They are planted to mimic a range of natural habitats with fully mature vegetation, rocks, logs and established landscaping. While smaller animals are transferred from large off-show holding cages to the wildlife photography sets to ensure minimal damage to their vegetation some larger species such as the otter and red fox are maintained permanently in spacious landscaped enclosures.

The outdoor habitats comprise heathland, drystone walls, rock mound, woodland, hedgebank, wetland pools and culm (sedge) grassland. Inset features vary but are principally hollow logs, tree stumps or rocks. Our indoor facility is constructed in a well lit building will full power and lighting facilities. We have a wide range of large enclosures, aquaria, assorted props and vegetation to facilitate the construction of highly realistic small sets.  

A wildlife photography expert is available to tutor groups and run wildlife photography courses on request.