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Harvest Mouse - Carl Mckie
Beavers - Chris Robbins
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Fox - Ross Hoddinott
Muntjac - Chris Robbins
Wood Mouse - Chris Robbins
Harvest Mice - Carl McKie
Wildcat - Ross Hoddinott
Pine Martin - Chris Robbins
Water Vole - Chris Robbins
Mink - Carl McKie
Fox - Ross Hoddinott
Wildcat - Chris Robbins
Pine Martin - Carl McKie
Otter - Chris Robbins
Fox - Ross Hoddinott
Water Shrew - Chris Robbins
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Hedgehog - Carl Mckie
Fox - Basil Warren
Pine Marten - Basil Warren
Wildcat and kittens - Basil Warren
Harvest Mouse - Ross Hoddinott
Muntjack - Ross Hoddinott
Otter - Carl Mckie
Pine Marten - Carl Mckie
Little Owl - Ross Hoddinott
Mute Swan - Ross Hoddinott
Little Owl - Ross Hoddinott
Muntjack - Colin Sargent
Barn Owl - Andrew Symons
Harvest Mouse - Colin Sargent
Otter - Dave Webb
Wildcats - Dave Webb
Pine Marten - Dave Webb
Hedgehog - Jonathan Need
Otter - Jonathan Need
Fox - Phil Crosby
Wildcat - Phillip Jefferies
Wildcat - Richard Garvey-Williams
Fox - Richard Garvey-Williams
Beaver - Richard Stafford
Beaver - Richard Stafford
Vixen - Richard Taylor
Harvest Mice - John Hankin
Pine Marten - John Hankin