Our facilities  - The Burrowers on BBC2 Throughout 2013 the ‘West Country Wildlife Photography Centre’ was the main location chosen for the 3 part BBC 2 series ‘The Burrowers – Animal’s Underground’ as part of the BBC’s Summer of Wildlife. This was featured over three consecutive Friday nights in August at 9pm and narrated by Chris Packham. The programme featured the underground lives of captive badgers, rabbits and water voles, with some interesting mole footage too. The Badgers were filmed at a different location, but all other underground footage was filmed in the purpose built sets designed and made by the Derek Gow Consultancy here at WCWPC, for Dragonfly TV.  For more information of this series see www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b038p45r
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The filming of The Burrowers has provided WCWPC with some innovative new sets for our photographers to use: Indoor ‘underground’ water vole burrows and the associated outdoor stream set to capture some fantastic water vole images Outdoor rabbit aviary now adapted for corn crakes Indoor ‘underground’ rabbit warren A variety of small ‘underground’ sets for mink, polecat, fox, stoat and moles. Indoor rabbit warren film room provides a large space for workshops  and tutoring.